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The Name
White Wolf comes from a Native American story about a young warrior who was studying to be a sachem. One night, he had a dream in which a white wolf was fighting a black wolf. He awoke while the wolves were still fighting, and immediately went to see his teacher. He recounted this dream, and told his teacher that he knew the white wolf was the good parts of him, and the black wolf was the bad parts.
When the student was finished, the teacher asked him, "You seem to understand the dream, what do you want from me?"
The student replied, "I want you to tell me, which wolf will win the fight?"
The teacher answered, "The one you feed."
Now, it may have nothing to do with computers, but the moral of story is a good one - the thoughts we have directly feed the quality of our lives.

Why Are Our Clients Satisfied
Because we're not like other computer repair and web design companies - where the vast majority of which are run by "geeks" who are capable of getting the job done, but are unable to handle the people side of the business. They simply don't have the social skills to operate and market a consumer-friendly business that gives exactly what consumers are looking for.
This is where White Wolf Computer is different. We possess the technical competence to get the job done, but are also attuned to our clients' needs. We offer friendly advice, and keep the them informed as to what is happening with their computer repair or website in plain English. Throughout a client's experience with White Wolf Computer, we are in close contact with them. We answer phone calls, we provide timely and practical solutions, including same day and after hours service, at a very reasonable and competitive price.
We're not just talking, we have the Testimonials to prove it.

Our Staff
Collectively the White Wolf Computer team has over 34 years experience in computer repair, computer networking, and web design/programming. We only hire competent, smart people, and our company is built to be among the best. We pride ourselves on always having a knowledgeable person answer the phone to attend to your needs and not transfer you to another country.

The owner, Robert J. Remillard, has experience in the fields of technical support, networking, computer repair, and software programming. Robert has a bachelors degree from Siena College in Mathematics and Computer Science. He started a computer repair business in 2003, formally incorporating White Wolf Computer in 2004. He was previously a software engineer for a Schenectady based company which produced computer programs for steam turbines.

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