Welcome to the support section of our website. We've introduced this section to offer more flexibility in solving your computer's problems. In the early days of the company the only service we offered was onsite computer repair. This worked well for some issues, but sometimes you don't need to incur the expense of a service call when there's an easier way to solve your problem. Towards that end, we've introduced an exciting new service, called Remote Support, in which we can solve your problem without ever leaving our office.

Other times, you're experiencing an issue so common and easy to fix that we can provide a free, pre-written solution for you. This is the idea behind our Free Advice Database. We plan to keep adding to it, so check back frequently!

Lastly, there is a section where you can browse any used computers we have in stock, so if there's a catastrophic failure with yours, and buying a new one isn't in the budget right now, then you can purhcase a used one from us. This is also a good place to get a computer for your child who needs their own, but is headed to college in a couple of years, so purchasing an expensive laptop doesn't make sense for the time being.

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