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White Wolf Computer works with businesses and consumers to increase revenue, reduce costs, and ultimately improve corporate performance using web technologies. One of the ways we do this is by taking the time to understand the challenges you face when it comes to utilizing technology in general, and the Web in particular. With this understanding, our website design, E-Commerce online shopping, and database development teams work with you to create a timely and cost-effective answer.

........ Website Design
We build website designs with creativity and e-business in mind. Knowing that a boring web site will be quickly ignored, our website design team shapes and molds a layout to control the viewer's focus and attention without overloading them. Simplicity is key. With a set structure, production moves ahead until the site is ready for testing and editing.
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........ Database Design and Development

Having a tough time integrating the information your company is receiving through the Web? This may be information from your e-commerce sales, on-line forms, surveys, conference registrations, or other. We can help tie these on-line sources of data and get them organized in a fashion you can use.
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........ Full Service Hosting

Once your site is designed, and ready to go, you'll need somewhere to host it. White Wolf Computer can handle the registration of a domain name, and set up a hosting package that is right for your site.
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