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For many businesses today, a website is as indispensible as a computer. It's a great way to introduce yourself to potential clients, as well as connect new ones. You don't need to have any technical acumen, because at White Wolf Computer, we'll walk you through the process of creating a website that mirrors your business, and make you proud to give out its address.


We know you have a lot of choices when developing a website, so why choose us? Our work is a source of personal pride to us. It's not something that's a 9-5 job, promptly forgotten about when we leave for the day. It is our focused goal to have every client walk away feeling their vision for their website has been met, and they received their money's worth.
Secondly, there's a HUGE chasm when it comes to web design. If you call a bigger, established web design company in the phone book, you can very well end up spending as much on a website as you would on a new car. On the other side of the spectrum, you can have the neighbor's kid or an employee who is kind of interested in this stuff do it for next to nothing. The downpoint here is as time passes, you may very well end up not being able to get a hold of this person, and not knowing how to renew your website, or even how to access it. At White Wolf, we're able to offer reliable service at an affordable price.


There are two separate categories of cost when it comes to developing a website - one time costs, and costs you pay once a year. Here's more of a description:

One Time Costs: These are the costs for the design, production, and roll out of the site. These costs vary depending on the complexity of your ideas. It is usually best to sit and think about what is deemed a priority to you, and focus on that first. The following are generalized costs:
$ 1,500 USD and up depending on complexity.

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Yearly Costs: These costs are usually relatively nominal depending on your budget. The costs include yearly domain name registration, yearly hosting, and optional upgrades and maintenance. The following are generalized costs:
$200 USD / year for a basic website not including maintenance.


Website design includes different components to make it all work. We break it down as follows:
Layout Design: This is the defining and construction of the layout of the pages. It is at this stage that you determine what colors will be used, what links the site will have, and where those links will be placed on the page, and the coordination with existing marketing materials or the current corporate presence.
Navigation Design: This involves the design of the look and feel for the navigation menus as well as design for how a visitor will navigate through the website.
Image Creation: This involves picking relevant imagery that fits the purpose of the website including giving users that desired feel as they visit the web site. In addition, imagery also involves choosing and formatting photos for products and services.
Content Formatting: This involves taking written content from you, the customer, and fitting it into the body of the web site pages. We will make suggestions as to how the written content needs to be structured. Writing for a web site is not the same as writing for paper. People's attention spans are MUCH shorter.
Search Optimization:: This involves the structuring of your site's code, file names, image names, and other components to include key words and phrases so that your web site will get recognized and ranked by the major search engines. Don't be fooled, there are only a couple of major players in the search engine market. In general, if you optimize your site for those, you will get the best return for your effort.

Personal Attention: You can expect wonderful personal attention. We make you part of the design and production processes to the extent that you would like. We prefer it this way. It creates excitement and improves communication.
Idea Flow: We take our projects personally. You will get to know people on the design and production teams. We will inject ideas and actively expand on your ideas. We have years of experience with website design and we will make suggestions and recommendations so as to make the outcome better than the original idea. This is one of the main reasons we are here.
Great Results: We go to the N'th degree to make sure you are very pleased with the results. Our production process assures this because you are directly involved in the design and production process so as to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please see Staging Environment: below.
Flexibility: We understand that most projects start without a crystal clear understanding of the final outcome. Not having a crystal clear idea of how things should be put together is probably one of the reasons you are looking for a professional website design firm. We anticipate you not having a perfect plan for the project. We are prepared and willing to work with you to develop your ideas into reality. We do ask that to keep the project scope creep to a minimum once the project is under way.
We maintain a constant level of communication through phone and e-mail to keep you involved.
Staging Environment: We use a three-tier design and roll out structure. We develop internally on our own development servers and then present the work in progress to you in stages on our own "staging" servers. You get to see the project come to life this way. We encourage you to get in and play with your project and give us feedback.

Overview of the Process
Here are the things you need to bring your website to life:
1. A Domain Name: This is is the name that identifies your website. For example: www.whitewolfcomputer.com is the domain name of our company website. The cost for a domain is between $10 AND $40 USD/year. And interestingly, you don't actually "buy" a domain name - you register the ability to use it on it a yearly basis. You are essentially "renting" the right to use it on the Internet on a yearly basis.
2. You Need a Web Host: A web host is essentially a computer that will run 24/7 and make your web site available to any other computer out there on the Internet that asks for it through the domain name. This computer is known as a server, and it serves your website to the Internet. You can obtain a host on your own, or go through us.
3. A Desire to Watch Your Website Develop: White Wolf will help and guide you through the design and development process. You will be able to see the progress on our staging servers and constantly give us feedback. We would love to help you advance your business on line !

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