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Visit the Wine Bar and Bistro's website

Wine Bar & Bistro

Business Need: The Wine Bar and Bistro had a basic website provided by Yahoo, but it wasn't congruent with their panache and style.

Solution: White Wolf developed a site that accurately reflected their business, and was easy for them to modify.

Status: Live.

Visit the JMU4Kids website

JMU 4 Kids

Business Need: This summer camp had been in business for years when they came to White Wolf Computer to develop a website to be used as a marketing tool, as well as a repository for forms that need to be filled out.

Solution: We developed a static site that provided information and forms relating to the camp, as well as pictures and videos of camp activities.

Status: Live.

Visit the Cost Containment website

Cost Containment

Business Need: This rapidly growing medical supply business needed a website to disseminate information about the business.

Solution: White Wolf developed a static site that accurately reflected their business, and told potential clients what product lines were carried, and made a form so the company could be easily contacted by perspective clients.

Status: Live.

Visit the Safety Council's website

Safety Council of Northeastern NY

Business Need: The Safety Council had a web presence since the late '90s, but hadn't been updated much since tnat time. They wanted a modern looking site.

Solution: After discussing the current needs for a site, White Wolf dsigned a sleek, compact site that provided space to describe their courses, as well as provide secure, online signup forms.

Status: Live.

Visit the Michael Denardis Website

Michael Denardis Salon

Business Need: Michael wanted a website that was modern and chic, was easy to use and easy to contact him.

Solution: White Wolf Computer built the site that explained the services provided by the salon, and a gallery of interior pics of the salon.


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